Highlights of the USB Analog Input Module

The Highlights of the USB Analog Input Module

To run the USB Analog Input Module it is only needed to link it with as standard USB interface.

If a data acquisition and control solution is required for some automation process, LucidControl is perfect since handling digital and analog signals also. The LucidControl USB Analog Input Module is affordable data acquisition solution and additionally prepares for mobile products as a result of being USB power supplied and there is no need for additional supplies.

The modules can be integrated without much hassle in switch boxes which are quite typical in automation business because of the variable DIN-rail mountable housing. For dependable applications it is additionally helpful that the input output devices are prepared with durable and industrial standard plugable terminal connections.

Solutions for e.g. controlling a central heating system as they are very common in the do-it-yourself branch can be made clean and straight forward by integrating the devices into distribution cabinets.

In the training field, the devices can be used by learners to do their first steps in automation development. With no need for further drivers, they are operating out of the box with most important computers and work with Windows and also Linux operating systems.

Owing to an comprehensive documentation, professional development tools and SDKs for most important development languages and also their simple use make the modules a great automation solution for beginners as well as for professionals.

Most useful is the USB Analog Input Module also since it is compatible not only with standard PCs but also with the recently became famous micro-sized computers such as the Raspberry Pi.

This makes all functionality provided by input output units being accessible over the world wide web and also to build web based applications on micro-sized computers running with Linux operating system.

Features of the USB Analog Input Module

USB Analog Input Module

The USB Analog Input Modules and USB Analog Output Modules stand for 1 type of input and output units that are ready to manage analog channels such as currents. The acquisition of analog voltage channels can simply be reached by using the LucidControl USB Analog Input Module.

Input channels are designed for voltage ranges of 5V to 24V additionally symmetrical input ranges with -5V-5V, -10V-10V and also a -24V-24V can be measured by the USB Analog Input Module. The USB ADC Module is ready for industrial applications since it can manage voltage ranges of 0-10V and 0-24V that are really common in the automation sector.

The 0-10V option is ideal in order to communicate with detectors providing a 0-10V interface such as wind sensors which often create a voltage with the values of 0-10V relative to the metered wind speed.

Furthermore, the USB Analog Input Module can also acquire the voltage generated by a vortex flow sensor that usually delivers an analog signal proportional to the mass of fluid flew through the device per time division.

A high resolution of 14 bit ensures an accuracy of 0.25% over the entire acquisition range of the USB Analog Input Module. The precision of the digitalized input is further enhanced applying the internal channel processing level and the disturbance filter.

For many control purposes, the ensured tolerance which is for the 0-10V selection less than /- 25mV is adequate and a good trade-off regarding price and accuracy.

Our companies focus is it to equip the USB IO Components with plenty of interfaces in order to make the products prepared for most projects. Additional details about the LucidControl input and output modules can be found on our homepage.