Advantages of the USB Digital Input Module

Data Acquisition with the USB Digital Input Module

LucidControl comprise of a range of different USB IO Modules for digital and analog control and data acquisition which can be used in numerous monitoring projects.

The flexible and DIN-rail attachable enclosure makes the USB Digital Input Module very suitable for the automation sector because it allows the most easy inclusion into distribution boxes. For solid applications it is additionally beneficial that the units are prepared with durable and industrial standard plugable contacts.

It is sufficient to link the USB IO Modules by a standard USB interface with the computer and the USB Digital Input Modules are USB power supplied and work stand-alone without needing additional power adapters what makes LucidControl a very inexpensive equipment also for mobile products.

For the DIY field the affordable USB Digital Input Module can be added into distribution cabinets making it simple building a clean and straight forward development e.g. for measuring temperatures.

Due to an thorough documentation, professional programming tools and APIs for most relevant programming languages and additionally due to their simple usage LucidControl USB IO Moduels are the right automation solution for starters as well as for specialists. But also in the training division, LucidControl can be used by trainees to do their first steps in automated development.

Without the need for extra drivers, the USB Digital Input Modules are operating immediately with many popular computers and support Windows® and also Linux operating systems. Beside of common personal computers LucidControl USB IO Modules are also compatible with small computers like the TI Beagle Bone Black which makes the IO devices very usable.

This also enables all functionality of the USB Digital Input Module being available via the world wide web and to create web based programms on micro-sized computers working with Linux operating system.

A brief introduction to the USB Digital Input Modules

USB Digital Input Module

The USB Digital Input Module in combination with the USB Digital Output Module stand for the 2 classes of the LucidControl product collection and handle the IO of digital signals.

By processing four digital lines the USB digital input module was developed to be best prepared for numerous digital logging tasks.

The module acquires digital input signals and is compliant with voltage threshold levels of 5V, 10V and 24V that are often used in the field of automation industries. By using the USB Digital Input Module with the 24V threshold level option is the best choices if it is required to interact with industrial automation units. These kind of lines are also able to communicate with third party control systems or e.g. check conditions of switches.

The built-in line recognition of raising edges for example can in addition be very helpful and enables the recognition of fast line changes in real-time with no need to interact with the attached host computer.

Lots of applications are realizable where digital inputs are requested and USB digital input modules are very flexible also due to their signal conditioning functionality. So is it realizable to filter signals and also to debounce input signals in order to ensure correct signal procession.

All digital inputs are potential and optical isolated which means that the linked computer is entirely protected from the input signals to protect the computer to the highest.

In order to make the USB Digital Input Module as valuable as realizable and to manage most potential projects, it is our products focus to handle many analog and digital signals with the LucidControl USB IO Components.

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