Infos about the USB Digital Output Module

LucidControl comprise of a series of unique IO units for analog and digital data acquisition and control that are useful in various monitoring projects.

All LucidControl IO Modules are USB power supplied and work stand-alone without the need for additional adapters which makes LucidControl a inexpensive equipment also for movable products. It is enough to connect LucidControl modules by a standard USB port to the host computer.

For the DIY field the reasonable priced input output devices can be added to distribution boxes and make it easy building a tidy and straight forward design e.g. to control your central heating system.

Without the need for extra drivers, the modules are operating out of the box with most relevant computers and work with Microsoft Windows or Linux operating systems. In addition to standard PC LucidControl USB input and output devices work also together with embedded computers like the TI Beagle Bone Black what makes the IO Modules extremely useful.

The USB Digital Output Module can be integrated without much hassle into distribution boxes which are quite normal in automation field due to the fact of the variable DIN-rail attachable housing. Moreover, the IO units are equipped with highest dependable and plugable terminal connections which is helpful for most projects in general.

In the training section, LucidControl can be employed by trainees to get their first experiences in automation development. Due to an thorough user manual, professional development tools and APIs for most important development languages and additionally their easy usage make LucidControl an excellent automation solution for newbies as well as for professionals.

This enables all capabilities of the USB Digital Output Module being available through the internet and also to build web based programms on micro-sized computers working with Linux OS.

Advantages of the USB Digital Output Module

USB Digital Output Module

The USB Digital Acquisition Device together with the USB Digital Output Module represent the 2 classes of the LucidControl product collection and control the input and output of logic signals.

The LucidControl USB Digital Output Modules are ready to drive four digital output channels.

The digital output modules are ready to handle electric consumers such as pumps, valves or to generate various logical output signals.

In order to provide a maximum of flexibility, the outputs of the USB Digital Output Module are realized in different techniques.

In order to fit most practical demands, options using solid state relays, mechanical relays as well as open collector output channels are offered.

For isolated switching of power loads and preventing the downside of wearing out of mechanical relay contacts, employing Solid State Relays give the best over all functionality. They are best suited in order to manage power loads such as pumps.

Mechanical SPDT relays are helpful in order to control electrical power loads and also measurement channels such as currents avoiding deformation and they are able to toggle between 2 channels.

Finally, open collector output channels are capable of generating quick signal transitions as they are useful for pulse-width modulated (PWM) control that are used in applications like controlling lights.

The USB Digital Output Module is completed by timing features which are able to generate pulsed lines for electrical power control applications including time switches.

To make the USB Digital Output Module as valuable as viable and also to handle the majority of potential projects, it is our objective to cover a number of analog and digital signals with the LucidControl USB IO Modules.

Additional details relating to the LucidControl USB I/O units can be found on our home page.