USB IO Module Product Overview

Advantages of USB IO Module Collection

When a solution for automated jobs is needed, the LucidControl USB IO module family might be of interest as a good option. By providing impressive technological properties for a cheap price, the devices turn one computer in a modular DAQ and control system.

The versatile USB IO Modules are fit best in order to control electric consumers including fans, pumps or even lamps by acquiring as well as producing analog and also digital lines e.g. logic states, temperatures. Beside of being very best prepared for house jobs, LucidControl USB IO Modules are generally engineered to help suit multiple important standards for professional concepts including factory floor control.

The USB IO Modules are actually an excellent option for automation projects since the devices can be attached onto standard DIN-Rails what makes integration into switchgear cabinets feasible. The high quality LucidControl devices are delivered with high quality I/O connectors.

Particularly this, in conjunction with the possibility to add them on DIN-Rails makes them the optimal option for automation projects such as switchboards. The USB IO Modules are compatible with different operating systems such as Linux and MS Windows®. Most operating systems include the needed drivers actually which permits quick immediate set up within minutes.

Furthermore, the Modules are suitable for the impressive RaspberryPi as well as TIs BeagleBone Black single board computers which are extremely popular nowadays. Selecting these types of computer boards definitely makes the design of web based and smartphone applications easy.

All USB IO Modules can easily be controlled by using the identical user friendly application which makes working with the devices very simple. After a computer noticed the device on its Universal Serial Bus LucidControl starts promptly.

Utilizing the included LucidIoCtrl command line application makes dealing with the I/O modules hassle-free and multiple IO units connected to a dedicated computer could be accessed correctly. Using the supplied command line application, the Python and Java® Application programming interfaces provide entire utilization of all functions of the LucidControl devices.

Data Acquisition and Control Platform

LucidControl USB IO Modules flexible devices for a lot of automated systems. Whenever digital and analog signals should be acquired or generated e.g. in the factory floor automation field, the modules can be used to be able to control lawn sprinklers, fans or other electric consumers.

By offering cycled output lines as well as standardized analog 0-10V lines, valves, pumps as well as mixers of a home heating could be controlled according to metered environmental inputs.

By utilizing LucidControl USB IO Modules it is possible to develop switches or even considerably more advanced automation applications for logging and controlling tasks. Considering that the IO Modules are prepared to measure data such as humidity and wind speed, they furthermore specialized in power saving equipment.

Covering do it yourself purposes the low-cost LucidControl USB I/O units may be used to dim for example LEDs generating different lightning scenarios. Not to mention that all applications can be operated over the web also through the use of smartphones. At the moment a LucidControl USB IO Module is linked to a computer which is linked to the Net there are actually nearly zero limits of applications.

Flexible interfaces with USB Analog IO & USB Digital IO

Our objective is it to provide LucidControl USB I/O Modules with lots of interfaces in order to make them ready nearly all projects.

For digital IO signals the LucidControl DO4 – USB Digital Output Module and the LucidControl DI4 – USB Digital Input Module are available.

Analog IO Signals can be processed by the LucidControl AO4 – USB Analog Output Module and the LucidControl AI4 – USB Analog Input Module

Compatible with Raspberry Pi and TI Beagle Bone Black computer systems

Beagle Bone

Commonly, LucidControl is founded on PC systems and it works together with the majority of computers running Windows and Linux. In the last years, computer boards such as the Raspberry Pi as well as the Beagle Bone Black got more popular. Such mini computer boards deliver USB interfaces, network interfaces and permit to connect of keyboard and display.

Lots of programs like Internet servers as well as reliable databases will support you, can be found on the Web and can be downloaded. Due to the Linux operating-system these types of computer boards are ready to solve lots of tasks straightaway.

Once an Internet server had been set up, the USB IO module is all over the world accessible with all its functionality stable by browsers. Observing as well as documenting of recorded production data as well as events can be done with low work by using a professional database system like MySQL.

Many ready to use sample tools explain the use of LucidControl USB IO Modules.

Documentation & and Software

To make the setup of LucidControl IO devices extremely easy, a big and growing software package is available. The provided user manual is really comprehensive and moreover give combined with the tutorials interesting know-how including tips for different applications.

Portable and internet based programs could be developed extremely quick and easy by utilizing the console program. Popular software development environments such as Python and Java are supported by the software development kit.

An initial start is the LucidIoCtrl console software that works together with all LucidControl USB IO Modules and it is the ideal choice to configure and control the units needing a single line of development. Due to the fact that this command line tool offers complete utilization of the units and it is created for all major platforms without requiring set up, it reduces development time to a minimum and additionally boosts the time to enter the market.

Additionally, the devices are thoroughly documented without anything being left out or kept hidden allowing development of new ports for other programming languages or implementing other computer system platforms.

Our Concept and Support

Being not not only a rep of this product, but the developer and producer and we use them for our own projects. LucidControl IO tries to make the start into this control environment as simple as possible but should there occur any problem, that cannot be sorted out on a first glance, we will do our best to find a solution.

Both, the hardware as well as the software are clear developed, extendable and follow a modular and consistent concept. Customized value-added extensions can be developed by add-on extensions which do not touch the principle of LucidControl USB IO Modules but can implement different or additional functionality.

Because of the adaptable software might be changed in the field without requiring additional tools, functions or modifications might be added quite simply – your funding is protected in the future.